Athletes Down

I got this picture from Anna Unkovich, a great writer in her own right. She’s in my “What If? Writing Group” and has a unique perspective on life. She also takes fabulous pictures. This one really spoke to me. (Check Anna out at:


What is happening here? Is there a runner down, hidden behind the two we can see? Or is one of these two injured? Perhaps they’re just taking a break from their strenuous activity. Or maybe they’ve found something interesting or dangerous at the side of the track. It’s also possible they are praying in preparation for the meet.

Or is something more sinister going on? (Oh! My suspense/mystery roots are showing again!) Is something dead, or have they killed something or someone? If so, they do not seem to be worried about being seen by those beyond the fence. Or perhaps they are into dark magic and are conducting an arcane ritual of some kind.

It could be that they are not athletes at all, but simply workers fixing the track. The certainly are not dressed for running. But whoever they are, something has drawn them to this spot. What is hidden between them that they are contemplating with such concentration? Or is one of them sick and the other lending his support?

Lots of possibilities. Have fun with this one!

Susan Tuttle

Comments? Your ideas from this picture…

(I Recommend: Wild Ride by Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer. Not only a well-written, tightly-plotted romp into fun and danger, but also one of the most clever treatments I’ve ever read. Should be on everyone’s “Must Read” list! You’ll never look at amusement parks the same again.)