The Cave Path

This photo, from really sparks the imagination. It presents a fabulous setting for an adventure, sci-fi or fantasy story, with a multitude of directions in which to wander.

At first glance, the bright spot appears to the the entrance to the cave, the way out. But what if it isn’t? What if it is the deepest part of the cave? What would cause such brilliance in a lightless environment? What dangers would explorers encounter if they enter that final chamber?

Who built the road on the cave floor? What is it used for? The scale here is difficult to determine, for we have no true frame of reference. The pathway could be merely a narrow ribbon, or a fairly wide roadway. Is it there simply to lure explorers into the depths of the cavern? What was it used for? Is it inanimate, or is it perhaps alive in some way?

The light spot in the dark slash on the left could be a half-hidden face, lurkning in the ebony shadows. Who might it be? Watching for what? For whom?

Now look deeper. Shift persepctive. What if this is the throat or esophagus of a living being and just appears to be a cave? What then awaits in that blaze of light? Is that the stomach, or the throat opening?

Cave photos are rich sources for otherworldly settings, as well as fodder for horror and adventure stories that will make you leave the lights on all night.

Susan Tuttle

Comments? Your story/setting ideas from this photo…

I Recommend:  206 Bones, by Kathy Reichs. Only Kathy Reichs can twist a plot in suchnefarious ways. If you haven’t read any of the Temperance Brennan books, start with #1 (Deja Dead) and take them in order. But leave the lights on at night…