Cat Falls For Cloth Doll

Even silly snaps we take ourselves can spark some great story ideas. This one I took of my (late) cat, Sir Whikis the Weighty (aka Whiskers) not only makes people laugh, it also gives writers great fodder for story ideas and characters.

Cat sleeping with cloth doll


What has made the cat fall in love with this cloth doll? Why has it become his security blanket? Does he carry it around the house with him. (Yes, he actually did!) What would happen if he could not find the doll? Would he still be able to sleep without his doll with him? What kind of thought process would occur in this cat’s brain when he first saw the doll? If someone took the doll away, what would the cat do? Who does the cat think he’s actually sleeping with when he’s with the doll?

If you translate these images into people, who would they be? Would the cat be a child, clinging to his security blanket because of an unstable home life? Or would it become an old man losing his memory, clinging to a last vestige of his past? Would the doll remain a doll, or would it morph into something of deeper significance to the human character?

Whether you anthropomorphize the cat or turn him human, there are great stories waiting in this photo.

Susan Tuttle

 Comments? Your story ideas from this photo…


“I’m not sure a bad person can write a good book. If art doesn’t make us better, then what on earth is it for?”          ~Alice Walker