Danger From Above

Here’s a photo I snapped one dark night, when clouds boiled across the sky and the moon snuck into corners of shadow, hiding from its own light.

Moon beams

What I see here is a UFO approaching Earth, ready to do—what? Destroy all life and take control of the planet? Or perhaps they, whoever they are, come in peace. Maybe those rays will induce joy and harmony throughout all the world.

But it could be a natural phenomenon, a huge asteroid heading on a collision course with Terra. If so, what then are those rays? Where does the light come from? Could this asteroid (or space rock) be inhabited?

It could be a planet in a faraway galaxy, one that owns its own internal light that radiates out into the universe. What kind of creatures would inhabit such a world? What would their lives be like, their hopes and dreams? It could even be a dying sun, it’s fire diminishing from the center out while on its edge one small hot spot fights to live. Or a birthing sun, it’s hard dark crusted shell breaking apart as exultant life bursts from within.

Or maybe it’s a dark chariot, the vehicle of anti-light that bears the Lord of Darkness to us. Or the hand of God, returning to Earth once again.

Amazing what happens when you take your iPad into the night, photograph the moon in Photo Booth’s “Light Tunnel” mode, and then enhance the colors. What do you see in this eerie, spine-tingling picture?

Happy writing!


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