Book Launch!

It’s here, finally, my new book. I am pleased and excited to announce the launch of Proof of Identity, a paranormal suspense novel, in both print and as an ebook. Both are available on Amazon, the print as part of Create Space and the ebook, of course, on Kindle. Check out the fantabulous cover my son designed, using the original fingerprints used to identify the whorls and ridges that make each print unique. Since fingerprints are at the heart of this story, it’s a very appropriate—as well as graphic—cover.

Proof of Identity is the story of a woman who is arrested for the murder of a man she’d never heard of, or met. But police have witnesses who saw her leave the scene covered in blood, and her fingerprints are on the murder weapon.


Hope you like the story! If you do, please drop by Amazon and leave a review. Good reviews are an author’s lifeblood in this digital age.

Find Proof of Identity here:

Print Book:

Kindle Book

Oh, and Tangled Webs is now an ebook! Finally got it done for all you fans who have been requesting it. Here’s the link. Enjoy, and don’t forget to post a review once you’re done reading!

Tangled Webs, ebook: