Write Over the Hump

I’m back again with your weekly writing prompt. Remember, you can change the pronoun/mane to suit the genre you write, but the sentence has to be the opening of whatever you produce. Set a timer for 10 minutes and write until it dings. Use pen/pencil and paper or your word processing program and keep your pen/pencil moving, your fingers typing. Don’t stop to think, to edit, to plan. Let your subconscious take over and see where it leads you.

Today’s Prompt: They never thought it would look like that.

About Susan Tuttle

Susan Tuttle is a professional freelance editor, writing instructor and award winning author of 12 books—6 nonfiction on writing (Write It Right), 5 suspense novels and one collection of award-winnign short stories. She also has stories in both volumes of "Deadlines", the new anthology from the Central Coast Chapter of Sisters in Crime (SinC), She is currently working on volume #1 of her Skylark P.I. series (a PI with paranormal abilities), as well as 2 YA fantasy series. Follow her on Twitter and FaceBook.