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Proof of Identity (Print and Kindle)

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Proof of Identity

Danae Holloway, who suffers from strange debilitating headaches, is arrested for the stabbing murder of a man she’s neither heard of nor met. But the police have eyewitnesses who saw her leave the scene covered in blood, and her fingerprints are on the murder weapon. When legal-aid lawyer Collin Montgomery succeeds in getting Danae released on bail, another murder occurs. Again her fingerprints are found at the scene and she has no alibi. Collin researches her background in a race to prove her innocence. But will the truth he uncovers only cement her guilt? Are the headaches making Danae do unspeakable things she cannot remember doing? Is the court-appointed psychiatrist working to help Danae, or does he have his own agenda? Most important of all, what happens when the facts and the truth don’t agree? Just what constitutes proof of identity in a digital age?


Tangled Webs (Print and Kindle)

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Tangled Webs

Lia Willett, daughter of a serial killer, left town under a cloud of suspicion and animosity, leaving behind a dead classmate and unanswered questions. Seventeen years later bizarre circumstances bring her back to Mercerville, where the hatred directed toward her in the past slowly escalates in the present into ever-more-lethal vandalism and threats. Wanting only to live a quiet life, Lia finds herself stalked and menaced by the town, and plagued by nightmares of a frightening past she only half remembers. As events spiral out of control, to save both her sanity and her life Lia must unearth the terrifying, long-buried memories of what happened before she left Mercerville, and in the process answer the most important question of all: Is Lia Willett, like her father, a murderer?


Sins of the Past (Print and Kindle)


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Sins of the Past

Sabrina Compton’s sheltered life is shattered when her beloved husband is brutally murdered. And though their home has been ransacked, nothing appears to be missing. Unable to face the memories the house holds, Sabrina flees to her great-grandmother’s cottage on Gaffe Island, off the coast of South Carolina. But the peace she tries to recover is crushed by the revelations of an intrusive FBI agent, and her life is forever altered by the weight of her husband’s devastating betrayal. As a hurricane bears down on Gaffe Island, she discovers the killer is now after her. Will Sabrina survive both the storm and the killer’s rage? Will the presence of the F.B.I. agent be enough to protect her? Or are the sins of her husband’s past destined to destroy her, too?


Piece By Piece (Print and Kindle)

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Piece By Piece

When high school teacher Ken Reed meets a woman a woman suffering from total amnesia, who is terrified of getting help, he feels compelled to bring her into his home. He names her Julie and wants nothing more than to keep her protected and safe. But soon her troubling past begins to return in disjointed flashes of horrific memories. And people around Julie start to die. Is Julie simply the victim of a tragic accident, or did she have a hand in the terrifying events her memories uncover? Who wants Julie dead? And why is she so afraid of the police? Most importantly, what is left for Julie and Ken to hold onto when the past intrudes on the present, piece by terrifying piece?


A Matter of Identity (Print and Kindle)

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A Matter of Identity

American Marina Weston, just turned 20, is left orphaned and penniless in London, England. Saddled with her father’s debt and tainted by the stigma of his suicide, Marina has only three options open to her in 1866: hire out for service; become a prostitute, or starve. With the help of caring friends, Marina is offered a unique opportunity and begins to build a productive life. But fate intervenes when she runs afoul of some very powerful and unscrupulous men. Marina finds herself at their mercy, thrust unknowingly into a diabolical plot that will put her sanity, and her very life, at risk. She must find the strength to overcome the evil conspiracy, but when one’s very identity has been undermined, what is left to hold onto? Will Marina emerge with her sanity—and her identity—intact, or will she end as a pawn in someone else’s game?


 Death in the Valley (Print and Kindle)

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A small collection of three award-winning short stories, this little volume takes the reader on a ride through the Central Valley of California. Each story was written expressly for the Dead Bird Competition of the San Joaquin Valley Chapter of Sisters in Crime (SinC). Each contest had a specific theme: An object around which the story revolved (“The Telltale Death”); the evocation of the valley setting (“Beef Killington”); water rights and wrongs (“Hydro-Synth”). Each story either won first or second place; two won extra awards (best use of setting, most murderous use of water), and two tied for first place in the Central Valley Writer’s Workshop competition. From a ringing telephone to a cooking competition to dehydrated bodies in the desert, these eerie Central Valley stories are sure to keep you awake at night. Enjoy, but keep the lights on!