Write Over the Hump

Again we will mine our own experiences, our own emotions. Only through understanding ourselves can we bring life to our characters. This might be hard to do, but if you need to bring deep emotions to a story, you need to be able to reach into your own, find the emotions, then use them for the story. Set your timer for 15 minutes, and begin to write.

Write about being so angry you wanted to hurt someone or destroy something.

Write Over the Hump

Some openings seem to point to a mystery beginning to unravel. But is that always true? Suspense doesn’t always mean danger and mystery. Where will this opening lead you? Into mystery, into darkness, or to a totally different genre?

A scream shattered the silence.

Write Over the Hump

Sometimes it take only a few words to engage our imaginations. This one might seem like there’s little to it, but once you start writing you might just be surprised by what comes out. Set that timer, and start!

To actively unite…

Write Over the Hump

Try this one on for size today. What images does it bring to mind? Is it a mystery, a romance, sci-fi, some other genre? Have fun with this one.

They had never seen anything so beautiful.

Write Over the Hump

Prompts that are open=ended but still give lots of room to work within are the best. Here’s one that should get your creative juices flowing fast and furious. What can you do with it in 10 or 15 minutes?

I usually charge for that, but…

Write Over the Hump

When we write our stories, we need to dig down deep inside ourselves and mine our own experiences in order to give real life to our characters. Sometimes that can be hard to do. Here’s a prompt to help you in that process.

Write about a time you were embarrassed.

Set your timer for 15 minutes, take a deep breadth, think back, and begin to write.

Write Over the Hump

Here’s a prompt that’s sure to get your creative juices flowing. What would happen when something small, but essential, is taken away? Set your timer for 15 minutes and start with:

They took his glasses away…

Write Over the Hump

Here’s a fun little question to get your writing juices flowing. What is “it” and what will happen now? Who are these people and what is their relationship? Set that timer and start writing!

You had to go touch it, didn’t you?

Introducing Susan Grace O’Neill

It’s finally out: Lord, Let Me Grow, A Journey With Jesus Through The Parables, Volume 1—a layman’s look at what Christ was teaching through His many stories.

The Bible Study group at church asked me to write it, and I did, a few years ago. Brandy McKay read it just recently and encouraged me to get it into print (thank you, Brandy!). So, I took a deep breath, edited, worked on the layout, and… it’s now here, live on Amazon, a print workbook that doubles as a spiritual journal.

This is something new for me, a departure from my usual mystery/suspense. A deep delving into the first 6 of Christ’s 36 Parables. I discuss each of them on three levels: the Mind (what it means); the Heart (how to put it into practice); and the Soul (its implications for our journey to God). Each section comes with questions and spaces to write your answers.

It can be used as a personal Faith Journal, with a faith partner for sharing, or as the base of a full Bible study group. (My church’s Bible study group has chosen to use this volume for their new session starting the first Sunday in July.) The book is spirit based and inter-faith, designed to help those who want to deepen their relationship with Jesus, or those who simply are searching for answers and wondering what His teachings mean for them.

I’m using a pen name for it, for two reasons: under Susan Tuttle, I “kill” people (on paper only, I swear!), which doesn’t quite fit with spiritual meditations; and to honor my maternal grandmother, Gertrude O’Neill, who chose my name when I was adopted. So, you’ll find Lord, Let Me Grow under the name Susan Grace O’Neill.

I’m so excited to embark on a new venture, so completely different from the fiction I write. I just had to tell the world! And I’m already working on the next 5 volumes to complete the series. I’ve also got a volume on Lent that will be out soon, so look for that. Susan Grace O’Neill is on a roll…

Oh, one last point: my genius cover designer, Aaron Kondziela, has designed the cover graphic to span all 6 volumes, so, set side-by-side, it will produce one full picture. Like I said, genius!

Lord, Let Me Grow is available in print on Amazon, just click here.