Write Over the Hump

Discrimination takes many forms. Try this one on for size for the next 10 minutes… They divided us by the color notebook we carried.

Write Over The Hump

Take something ordinary and twist it into something extraordinary. Or unusual. Or even dangerous. That’s your task for today’s 10-minute exercise. Tea, they said, is good for you, and I believed them.

Write Over The Hump

Even a cliche situation can lead to fun and original stories, when we let our imaginations run wild. See what you can do with this cliche situation… in 10 minutes. She never should have gone into the attic.

Write Over The Hump

Here’s one for your imagination to chew on. Set that timer and let the words just flow and see where they take you. 10 minutes, everyone… It will only happen if the phone rings twice.

Write Over The Hump

If you’re just joining “Write Over The Hump”, know that you can change pronouns and names as you wish. Most importantly, don’t edit, don’t stop once you start writing, and don’t plan out what you will write. Just let the … Continue reading

Tension, Suspense and Turning Pages

Keeping tension or suspense high is the best was to keep readers turning pages. They just have to know what will happen. Another way of creating tension is to put a time limit on what needs to be done, a … Continue reading

Letting Our Inner Critic Play

We all struggle with our annoying inner critic, so let’s give the critter free rein today. It might be interesting to see what happens if we turn our critic on someone else, let it rant about someone else’s foibles and … Continue reading

From Person to Place

Just as places can be translated into memorable characters, so too can people be translated into unique settings for our stories. It’s all in taking a different perspective, so you find the extraordinary and singular aspects to add to your … Continue reading

Twist the Familiar out of Shape

Another great way to find interesting plots to explore is to twist the way something works. I wondered about my new printer and came up with this little scenario. Write Over the Hump You purchase a new printer for your … Continue reading

The Invisible Writer!

Another twist, one a lot of us have probably dreamed about. See what happens when you turn your subconscious loose on this one. Write Over the Hump You wake up one morning and no one can see or hear you. … Continue reading