Write Over the Hump

We’ve all felt this was at one time or another. This week, pick a character from one of your stories and let that character spout off as he/she poses then answers this prompt. 15 minutes, get set, go! Damn, why … Continue reading

Write Over the Hump

Midweek is a good time to look back on how we became who we are, and how we have dealt with life so far. In how we react to what happens—or doesn’t happen—to us are the seeds of our stories, … Continue reading

Write Over the Hump

This week’s prompt doesn’t give a lot to work with — not at first. But if you set that timer and start to write, and keep writing, you may be surprised at what comes out. Start now! Yeah, they gave a … Continue reading

Write Over the Hump

Finding a plot is often the process of twisting the normal out of shape. We offer a toast to congratulate accomplishments, but sunny skies and happy times do not keep readers reading. You have 15 minutes to twist this toast … Continue reading

Letting Our Inner Critic Play

We all struggle with our annoying inner critic, so let’s give the critter free rein today. It might be interesting to see what happens if we turn our critic on someone else, let it rant about someone else’s foibles and … Continue reading

Finding the Strange, the Singular, the Quirky for Your Writing

Looking at things from a different perspective is the best way to find the strange, singular or quirky aspects that will make readers sit up and take notice. One way is to stop thinking like a human being. How? Try … Continue reading

Twist the Familiar out of Shape

Another great way to find interesting plots to explore is to twist the way something works. I wondered about my new printer and came up with this little scenario. Write Over the Hump You purchase a new printer for your … Continue reading

Character Expose — Sabrina Compton

I have so many stories in process and so many characters in my head, that when Barbara M. Hodges, a great writer of suspense and mystery, asked me to be part of this Character Expose, I had trouble figuring out … Continue reading

Writing and the Best Laid Plans

Ever wonder what might happen should your best-laid pans go awry? Here’s a great little exercise to play around with. Write Over the Hump You are on a 40 foot motorboat in the harbor, getting ready to celebrate a friend’s … Continue reading