Purple Heels

Writer Anna Unkovich (www.annaunkovich.com) sent me this fabulous photo of a pair of purple shoes. Not only is the photo great for inspiring stories, but the shoes are also my favorite color. No way I could fail to include them in this blog!

There are a multitude of story directions here. First, you could write the story of the shoes themselves. Where have they been? When did they get home? Or are they still out, maybe at a lover’s house or in a hotel room?

What kind of adventure have they been on? Why are they discarded haphazardly on the carpet and not put away neatly in the closet? It appears there is a sliding door at the right. Has the shoes’ owner simply kicked them off and gone outside barefoot? Why? With whom? For what purpose? What is outside that door?

Now broaden your thoughts. Who wore these shoes? What kind of person would be attracted to purple shoes that have marbled brown insets and red soles? And ankle straps, to say nothing of the height of the heels. For what purpose did this woman purchase these shoes? With what would she wear them? Is she a business woman who wears conervative suits and lets her shoes hint at her wilder side? Perhaps she’s a fashion model who wears only the height of fashion. Or she could be a grandmother hoping to recapture the glory of her youth with fanciful footwear. Or a teenager looking to appear older than her years. Or a working girl who does business on street corners, or an employee of an escort service.

Oh, the stories these shoes could tell. Why not try your hand at putting one of them down for others to read? What else are you dong this weekend?

Susan Tuttle

Comments? Your story ideas from this photo…

Word of the Week: Lubricious (Adj. Lat. Lubricus, slippery)

Definition: 1) Offensively displaying or intended to arouse sexual desire; 2) smooth and slippery with oil or similar substance

Synonyms: lustful, salacious, prurient; slick, greasy, unctuous

Usage: His lubricious smile made her wish she hadnt agreed to be alone with him.

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