Fire Sky

Here’s a fantastic photo from Sharon Esposito ( She graciously posted it on WANA Commons for writers to use, and the minute I saw it I knew it was perfect for my blog. It’s an exotic, fasctinating and intriguing view of a sky that appears to be on fire. Truly an amazing setting fit for an amazing story.

Silhouettes of trees against a flaming magenta sky

Sky on Fire

The first question that came to my mind is, where is this place? What kind of planet would have a sky that flames like this? Or is it somewhere here on earth, and perhaps trees further away that are on fire are lending their flaming beauty to the sky? Or is this just a phenomenonal mixture of clouds, atmosphere and a setting sun?

If this is a real fire, what caused it? How long has it been burning? Will it reach these trees and destroy them? How far will it go? There may be a village or city nearby. Is it in danger from the fire? Look at the sky. Are those clouds reflecting the setting sun, or poisonous smoke from the fire filling the heavens?

Who lives in this place? Where are the people, the animals, the birds? Or is this planet deviod of life, awaiting discovery by intrepid Terrans? What would it be like to live in a place where the sky caught fire – literally – every night?

What if this place were a person? Who would that person be? How would the fire, the smoke, the dark silhouette of the trees translate into human form? What kind of personality would this human have? What kind of outlook on life? What kind of morals and mores? Would this be male or female, good or bad? Or somewhere in between?

What do you see in this flaming sky? Let me know!

Words To Write By:
“If you don’t read for pleasure, you’ll lose your edge as a writer.”  ~Nora Roberts

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