Writing Style and Wishes

All of the writers I have talked with, no matter how skilled, always seem to wish they could write like someone else. I hear them often say, “If only I could write descriptions like…” or “If only I could create characters like…” or “If only I could use words like…” It seems that writers, too, suffer from the “grass is greener” syndrome.

Write Over the Hump

If you could write like anyone in the world, living or dead, who would it be? What would have to change in your writing style for you to write this way? What would the world gain by this? More importantly, what would it lose? Your 10 minutes start now.

What did you discover about yourself and your writing style?

About Susan Tuttle

Susan Tuttle is a professional freelance editor, writing instructor and multi-award winning author of 21 books—6 nonfiction on writing (Write It Right), 6 suspense novels and 7 collections of award-winning short stories. She also has stories in both volumes of "Deadlines", the new anthology from the Central Coast Chapter of Sisters in Crime (SinC), Tales from a Rocky Coast, and the SLO NightWriter anthology. Under the pen name Susan Grace O'Neill, she is the author of the Journey With Jesus series: Lord, Let Me Grow (Parables) vol. 1, and Lord, Let Me Walk (Lent). She is currently working on volume #2 of her Skylark P.I. series (a PI with paranormal abilities), as well as 2 YA fantasy series. And she teaches fiction writing in both the morning and afternoon every Wednesday. Email her if you're interested in joining her class. And follow her on Twitter and FaceBook.