New Book Coming!

Finally, my new book is uploaded to Create Space! It’s in the “review” process now, but I’m not expecting any major problems (let’s hope these aren’t “famous last words” – LOL). I expect to be able to order a proof by Monday, though I may skip that step and just go to a first order so I can have books in hand for the next NW meeting on March 10.

It’s another suspense novel, about a woman who has total amnesia, who is befriended by a teacher who then falls in love with her. (What can I say? I’m a romantic.) But when she starts to get her memory back — Piece By Piece — and people around her start dying, things get a little complicated.

Here’s the cover, designed by my son, Aaron Kondziela ( He does such good work, don’t you think??

Intrigued? Stay tuned for the announcement about when it will be officially released on both Amazon print and Kindle. Now I’m off to figure out the formatting for the e-book version!

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