Write Over The Hump

Here’s a little prompt to help you dig into your own life and maybe be able to translate that into your writing. You can do this as yourself, or, for a true challenge, become one of your characters and do … Continue reading

Lida Sideris On Writing

Author Lida Sideris I asked Lida a series of questions about her writing and here’s what she had to say… 1. Of everything you have written, what is your favorite so far?         My children’s picture book, The … Continue reading

Writing In A Pandemic

Author Victoria Heckman Struggle. Isolation. Loss of focus. Job security. Exhaustion. Health. Shortages. Hoarding. Election. Holidays. Money. Frustration. Quarantine. Death. In the course of the last nine months, perhaps one or more of these words resonates with you. It has … Continue reading

Making Peace With Canadian Winter

Author Mar Preston in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada It’s no use sitting inside grumbling, looking at the birds frolicking outside in the snow. So far, and it’s only early January, it hasn’t been that cold, hovering up and down around freezing … Continue reading

Kindness in a Locked-down World

Today’s post is a bit different. It’s not about writing. It’s about kindness. That’s a great way to start off a new year. Kindness in its most elemental form is defined by small actions, by everyday things. But how can … Continue reading

How To Train A Human

Adjusting Attention Spans Humans are fickle creatures. They have either very long attention spans, or very short ones, and no one can say for sure at which point each one comes to the fore. Just understand that these spans tend … Continue reading