My Writing

It’s here because I thought some readers might be interested in my writing process and what it produces. I teach two sessions of my “What If?” Writing Group classes, and I do the exercises with the students. So, I end up with a lot of miscellaneous snipptes of scenes that probably won’t ever find their way into a finished piece. But I like them, and I hate the thought of them lying around in a computer file, gathering virtual dust.

So I thought maybe if I categorized them somehow and posted them in this section, someone might want to read them. And enjoy them. Or at least see what happens when a writer engages in a timed-writing exercise or two. And maybe on this page, I can jot down some notes about the writing process I engage in. About when it goes good, and when it doesn’t. It just might help me figure out the whys of it all.

I also wanted an outlet for my poetry. I don’t write a lot of poems these days (I used to, back in the Middle Ages when I went to high school – and yes, Aaron, we did have electricity then, though home computers were still a decade or so in the future) but most of them have been lost over the years. And that is another story in and of itself. But every once in a while something poetic slips out my fingertips, and sometimes it’s not too bad. And on rare occsions, it even wins a prize or two. And so I’ll gift them to you on my poetry page. Who knows? I might add some of my song lyrics, too!