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Lord, Let Me Grow: A Journey With Jesus Through The Parables,  Volume 1

On the surface, Christ’s Parables seem easy to understand. Jesus uses images that are familiar in order to open us up to concepts that lie far beyond human understanding. But Christ’s parables are composed of multiple layers of meaning that, with deeper study, reveal hidden truths.

This inter-faith workbook looks into the first 6 of the 36 Synoptic Parables: The Mustard Seed; The Two Debtors; The Prodigal Son; the Fig Tree; The Dishonest Manager; and The Wicked Tenants. It looks at each on three levels: the level of the mind (understanding what the Parable means); the level of the heart (how to put Christ’s teachings into practice in our everyday life); and the level of the soul (what the Parable means to our soul journey to God), as we delved into what Christ was teaching us about life, love, God and eternity.

Each level also has two questions set up in three categories to help you Understand the concepts, Contemplate the personal meanings, and Share your insights with others, if you choose. Designed as a workbook with space to note your answers, each volume of this series can be used as a personal faith journal, shared between two faith partners, or serve as the base for a full Bible study group.

Written to concentrate on the spiritual rather than the religious, this full series is meant to be used by anyone who is looking to deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ, or is merely curious about His teachings and wants to know more. (Click on the link above to order)