Paul Alan Fahey on Writing and Life

Today, we have a special treat, Paul Alan Fahey, a great friend and one of the best writers I’ve ever read. Paul has supported and encouraged me in so many ways, I doubt I’d be where I am today without him… … Continue reading

Inspiration — or Making the Moment Happen?

DJ Adamson is my guest today. She’s the author of the Lilian Dove Mystery series and Outré, a sci-fi/suspense novel for YA. She has some words of wisdom on inspiration and what it means for us as writers. DJ? Shirley … Continue reading

Victoria Heckman Speaks on Writing

Today, author Victoria Heckman answers 10 probing questions into how she writes, why she writes, and her writing journey. She has some surprising answers and a lot of good advice for all writers everywhere. Enjoy! What is the first thing you had … Continue reading

Write Over The Hump

Storms are the norm this time of year in most of the nation: rain, sleet, ice, snow… Let your imagination figure out what the last thing might have been… Set that timer for 10 minutes, and write! The last thing … Continue reading

Write Over the Hump

Discrimination takes many forms. Try this one on for size for the next 10 minutes… They divided us by the color notebook we carried.

Write Over The Hump

What happens when the unexpected hits? That’s what you need to unravel today as you set your timer for 10 minutes and write. He woke up with the coil tattooed on his chest.

Write Over The Hump

Take something ordinary and twist it into something extraordinary. Or unusual. Or even dangerous. That’s your task for today’s 10-minute exercise. Tea, they said, is good for you, and I believed them.

Write Over The Hump

Even a cliche situation can lead to fun and original stories, when we let our imaginations run wild. See what you can do with this cliche situation… in 10 minutes. She never should have gone into the attic.

Write Over The Hump

Here’s one for your imagination to chew on. Set that timer and let the words just flow and see where they take you. 10 minutes, everyone… It will only happen if the phone rings twice.

Write Over The Hump

Some openings immediately get our creative juices flowing. This is one like that. A hint of mystery, of danger, of who-knows-what, all in one short sentence. Where will you take it? Jazzy watched her put it in the soup.