Write Over The Hump

Flashbacks can add zest to your stories, and impart information not available in any other way. Here’s a prompt that leads easily into a flashback situation… if you choose to take it there. Time it for 10 minutes and write! … Continue reading

Write Over the Hump

This week’s prompt doesn’t give a lot to work with — not at first. But if you set that timer and start to write, and keep writing, you may be surprised at what comes out. Start now! Yeah, they gave a … Continue reading

Write Over the Hump

Another opportunity to wallow in the “Twist” that makes our stories really fly. Give yourself 15 minutes as you let your imagination take you to a place you maybe have never before been. “Hello, beautiful,” she called just as…

Write Over the Hump

Finding a plot is often the process of twisting the normal out of shape. We offer a toast to congratulate accomplishments, but sunny skies and happy times do not keep readers reading. You have 15 minutes to twist this toast … Continue reading

Book Signing This Sunday!

What a pairing…Crime and Wine! If you happen to have some free time on Sunday, May 29th, from 1:00-4:00 p.m., visit the Zaca Mesa Winery in Los Olivos, CA., (click on the Winery name for calendar, directions, etc.) and you’ll meet 10 … Continue reading

Crafting Tension in Stories

Putting your characters into situations where they are faced with difficult decisions is a great way to add tension to your work. Remember, tension doesn’t mean mystery. It means setting up a question in the reader’s mind (Will he? Will … Continue reading

From Person to Place

Just as places can be translated into memorable characters, so too can people be translated into unique settings for our stories. It’s all in taking a different perspective, so you find the extraordinary and singular aspects to add to your … Continue reading

Characters, Characters Everywhere

Creating unique and different characters isn’t always easy. But our lives can hold the key to creating interesting and memorable characters. No, I don’t mean writing about people you know. Rather, twist it; write about places you know as if … Continue reading