Write Over the Hump

Midweek is a good time to look back on how we became who we are, and how we have dealt with life so far. In how we react to what happens—or doesn’t happen—to us are the seeds of our stories, … Continue reading

Write Over the Hump

This week’s prompt doesn’t give a lot to work with — not at first. But if you set that timer and start to write, and keep writing, you may be surprised at what comes out. Start now! Yeah, they gave a … Continue reading

Write Over the Hump

Another opportunity to wallow in the “Twist” that makes our stories really fly. Give yourself 15 minutes as you let your imagination take you to a place you maybe have never before been. “Hello, beautiful,” she called just as…

Write Over The Hump

For this week, we have a little saying that was one of my mother’s favorites. Set your timer for 10 minutes and see what you can do with it… This one will really stretch your writing muscles! This week’s prompt: … Continue reading

Write Over The Hump

If you’re just joining “Write Over The Hump”, know that you can change pronouns and names as you wish. Most importantly, don’t edit, don’t stop once you start writing, and don’t plan out what you will write. Just let the … Continue reading

Write Over The Hump

This week we’re trying something a little different. To produce successful works we need to access our deepest emotions, not something that’s always easy. This week, I’m asking you to take a look inside and pull up some long-buried feelings, feelings … Continue reading

Finding the Strange, the Singular, the Quirky for Your Writing

Looking at things from a different perspective is the best way to find the strange, singular or quirky aspects that will make readers sit up and take notice. One way is to stop thinking like a human being. How? Try … Continue reading

Characters, Characters Everywhere

Creating unique and different characters isn’t always easy. But our lives can hold the key to creating interesting and memorable characters. No, I don’t mean writing about people you know. Rather, twist it; write about places you know as if … Continue reading

From Pet To Person

Our pets truly become one of our family members, with their own personalities and quirks. If they were human, they’d be truly unique characters, wouldn’t they? And maybe make a terrific character for one of our stories. Think about one … Continue reading

Twist the Familiar out of Shape

Another great way to find interesting plots to explore is to twist the way something works. I wondered about my new printer and came up with this little scenario. Write Over the Hump You purchase a new printer for your … Continue reading