Write Over The Hump

Take something ordinary and twist it into something extraordinary. Or unusual. Or even dangerous. That’s your task for today’s 10-minute exercise. Tea, they said, is good for you, and I believed them.

Write Over The Hump

For our writing to feel authentic, we need to delve deep inside our own lives. By accessing our own feelings, we can give our characters feelings readers will believe and empathize with. You’ve got 10 minutes for this one… Write … Continue reading

Write Over The Hump

Here’s one for your imagination to chew on. Set that timer and let the words just flow and see where they take you. 10 minutes, everyone… It will only happen if the phone rings twice.

Write Over The Hump

Some openings immediately get our creative juices flowing. This is one like that. A hint of mystery, of danger, of who-knows-what, all in one short sentence. Where will you take it? Jazzy watched her put it in the soup.

Write Over The Hump

Flashbacks can add zest to your stories, and impart information not available in any other way. Here’s a prompt that leads easily into a flashback situation… if you choose to take it there. Time it for 10 minutes and write! … Continue reading

Finding the Strange, the Singular, the Quirky for Your Writing

Looking at things from a different perspective is the best way to find the strange, singular or quirky aspects that will make readers sit up and take notice. One way is to stop thinking like a human being. How? Try … Continue reading

Danger From Above

Here’s a photo I snapped one dark night, when clouds boiled across the sky and the moon snuck into corners of shadow, hiding from its own light. What I see here is a UFO approaching Earth, ready to do—what? Destroy … Continue reading

The Birthday That Went Bad

Anna Unkovich (www.annaunkovich.com) sent me this fascinating photo, the third of the trio that told the saga of the setting: one without the cake, one with the cake, and the third with the cake eaten. I found the third to … Continue reading

Cat Falls For Cloth Doll

Even silly snaps we take ourselves can spark some great story ideas. This one I took of my (late) cat, Sir Whikis the Weighty (aka Whiskers) not only makes people laugh, it also gives writers great fodder for story ideas … Continue reading