Write Over The Hump

Writing is a way of exploring our lives, whether we write nonfiction or fiction. But sometimes it’s hard to dig deep into places we’d rather forget. But to create real characters who jump off the pages we have to explore … Continue reading

Write Over The Hump

This sweet photo is sure to spark some creativity. What do you see here? Who is this garden fairy? What is she reading? What does she do when no one is watching, when the night is dark and all are … Continue reading

Writing Poetry, Writing Prose

Shirley Radcliff Bruton Today we have one of my favorite authors, Shirley Radcliff Bruton. To me, she is the quintessential poet who recently began to meander over into pose. But, no matter what she writes, poetry or prose, she adds … Continue reading

Write Over The Hump

Opening sentences can be so much fun, especially if they send a shiver down your back when you read them. Here’s one that can be as full of creepy crawlies as you want… or perhaps none! Read the sentence, set … Continue reading

Write Over The Hump

Another Wednesday, another writing prompt. Here’s one you can have fun with… who knows what it’s a picture of? What do you see in this photo? What is happening, or has happened? What caused the pockmarks? Let your Muse have … Continue reading

Lida Sideris On Writing

Author Lida Sideris I asked Lida a series of questions about her writing and here’s what she had to say… 1. Of everything you have written, what is your favorite so far?         My children’s picture book, The … Continue reading

Anne Schroeder Speaks

Author Anne Schroeder Thank you Susan for inviting me into your world of clever mystery. I’m an early admirer from your very first novel and have watched your career with admiration. What is it I do? My writing is set … Continue reading

Crafting Unputdownable Stories

I wrote this for my writing group, SLO NightWriters, and thought it might be of interest to other writers out there. I’ve used examples (in italics) throughout from my own writing, illustrating what I’m saying and what I’ve learned through … Continue reading